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Modular Solutions creates and manufactures custom engineered structures, equipment and more.  We also offer a wide variety of parts and components.  Competitive Pricing, Quality Product, Experienced Engineers and Sales Staff, FREE Guarding CAD configurators – Just a few reasons people are choosing Modular Solutions.

Guard Section Configurators

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Save Time

  • Reduced Approval Process Time

  • Part numbers at your fingertips for generating your customer drawings

  • Wall section Bill of Material for final customer

  • Time to Quote, Order, and Ship all reduced

  • Fast turnaround on build and Kit orders

Save Money

    • Reduced Engineering Expenses in Design and approval process
    • Streamline ordering into single part numbers
    • Save up to 20% when ordering with part numbers instead of Design to order assemblies
    • Save an additional 10% when you buy multiple wall sections at once

Check Out Our Guard Wall Section Configurators

  • Download FREE Solid Models (Over 150 File Formats)

  • Free PDF Datasheets with Bill of Materials

  • Instantly Generate Part Numbers

  • Interactive 3D Image You Can Rotate, Pan or Zoom

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Engineered Solutions

Support Services

Let our engineers help you with your custom application.  Our experience and range of aluminum profile products allow us to create unique solutions for our customers.

Send us an email with your request.

aluminum profile T-Slot Engineer Technical Help

Parts & Components

Our online catalog has aluminum profile, paneling, door hardware, feet and more.  Whether you’re looking for parts to add on and customize or looking for replacement parts, our online catalog is easy to use to find what you need.

Innovative Products

We pride ourselves on our innovative product offering.  Here are just 3 of the helpful and time saving product solutions from our T-slot extrusion product line.  To see what else we offer check out our online parts catalog.

aluminum profile T-Slot Extrusion - 45 x45 Profile

Time Saving Profile

Many of our T-slot Aluminum Extrusions, such as # 10-4545-0, come with centerline tap guides, self tapping ends and standard T-slot size. Although when used with one of our Speedlock hidden profile fasteners such as # 41-002-0, milling, dripping and tapping are not required. However, when it is preferred the centerline tap guide keeps holes centered & straight which means a better stronger frame in the end. Many of our aluminum profiles also feature self tapping ends.  When using fasteners with M8 thread, tapping is not necessary.  Simply screw the fastener in to secure the connection. All our profiles also feature a common t-slot size which saves you time by not having to have multiple size connectors and fasteners. Check out our online catalog for more information on our innovative aluminum profile system.

Speedlock Hidden Profile Fastener

Our Speedlock Hidden Profile Fasteners, such as # 41-002-2, work with our T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion so milling, drilling and tapping are not required.  One end of the fastener screws into the end of the profile.  The other end slides into the t slot where the fastener is tightened down creating a secure 90 degree connection. Our Speedlock fasteners are currently available with M5 hex head or T40 Torx tightening screw.
aluminum profile T-Slot led light

LED Profile Light Insert

Modular Solutions offer LED Lights such as # 61-510-1000” that install in the T-Slot of the Aluminum Profile.  This is a quick, time saving and space saving way to add lighting and illumination to applications such as workbenches, tables, conveyors, enclosures, stairs & mezzanines.

Contact us or checkout our online catalog for more information.

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    Download 3D models from our website for your standardized wall sections and buy the part numbers generated.

    Click on the guard section type below to configure, then provide us with a part number(s) from the how-to-order guides for your wall section(s).

    Guarding Configurators:

    Click on the guard section type below, then provide us with a part number(s) from the how-to-order guides for your wall section(s).
    • Lower cost than engineered-to-order solutions.
    • Faster turnaround on quotes and builds.
    • Each wall section is pre-engineered so you get consistent designs.
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